Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Manifesto... no just some hacks to get started

This is my first post of a new blog. There's something refreshing in that: a new start, a new beginning...

I should write a manifesto of life!

But I'm not. I'm writing about some of the mundane things that are bothering me the most in simply getting stuff done. For starters, I have to get my entire social networking life back under control. I've turned my back on the whole field but it's time to jump back in.

Here's my strategy:

  • Social network of choice? Google+ Why? Well, I never got into Facebook and now there are really just too many people there that that have bad posting habits. Since pretty much everything else I do is on Google, I'm just going to simplify and stay with Google.
  • Twitter. I'm doing more conferences and Twitter is simply an important way of showing both appreciation to my hosts and letting my colleagues (in the broader sense) know what I'm up to.
  • Blogger. It's not new but I'm coming back to it. Wordpress is a far more capable platform but I really looking for simplicity and Blogger offers it in spades (particularly due to the Google+) decision. But why blog at all? I find that I know have to express some of the ideas that I'm working through in a more participatory way so it's back to blogging.
  • Integration: Google+ and Blogger. It's relatively easy to get content from Blogger to my circles on Google+. I'm asked to share content with my circles when I post a new blog. I can also go the other way. I have created some circles in Google+ that just contain the email address for my different blogs. So when I post to Google+ I share with those circles and automatically post out to the blogs. Goodness. Given some of Google's promises I expect this capability to get better in the future.
  • Integration: Google+ and Twitter. Not great. I have a Chrome extension that enables me to post to Twitter from Google+ but I still don't get the integration. Well, nothings perfect.
So at least I've dealt with three of the things in my inbox:

  • Social network? Check.
  • Messaging (short via Twitter and long via Blogs)? Check.
  • Integration? Not so much...

I'll take it for now. If anyone has any other suggestions, please let me know.


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